zion4  March 8 – 14, 2015

I am spending the week in Zion National Park. Late winter in Zion is an extraordinary time here.  This is my first National Park in my journey.  Every week I will experience a new National Park with writings, photos, video, and more.  My goal is to connect you with each National Park in helping everyone to understand and feel the beauty of our natural landscape and waterscapes.  National Parks are the greatest indicator of what is possible if we all dedicate ourselves to preserving nature. These spaces give a microcosmic visual to what is possible and how these spaces enhance our lives.  To touch and feel and experience a National Park is to grow as a person and become deeper within one’s own context of mind and spirit.  We are all connected to nature, regardless of belief or background, we all live according to it and must live in unison with it.

Zion National Park page

Experience the National Parks through my eyes and thoughts each week as I travel to each one.  Thank you so much for being here.