I left my job as a 22 year educator and am going across America for the next year and a half to write and photograph our National Parks. National Parks have mesmerized me since the first time I saw Zion National Park at 5 years old. It has been my passion to live a life that connects people to these blessed spaces. I left my job to do just that. I live, breath, and dream to guide others in building a greater understanding and ethereal connection the extraordinary spaces of America’s National Parks. Why the name, “Lonely Fire”? I was led to name my endeavor, Lonely Fire Publishing, because that is how I share my evenings with my thoughts and God. My campfire is my friend. Each crackle and hiss speaks. Its glow does more than warm, it creates imagination and stories. It sorts my thoughts after a day of experiences. It brings words to my conscious mind and transports my subconscious. And mostly, I talk to God. I unapologetically converse with God every night in the quiet nights of forests, alpine, deserts, shorelines, and islands. My lonely fire brings me friendship, warmth, and quiets my spirit. I have felt alone at times that my only companion was my campfire and I have sat with it through the night. My lonely fire has kept me warm on many sub-zero evenings warming my body before retiring to my tent and sleeping bag. So thank you to each person who blesses me in this undertaking by meeting along my travels, letting our material enhance your own experiences, and who seeks to connect with nature.